Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mae (20 Months)

Our little monkey famiy!

Peyton, Tea, Mae and ?

Mae and Tea checking out
their cousin Josh

The Weston Clan
(Gray, Love, Lenore and Weston's)
Mae's first bubble bath with "Akika"

Cousin Anika and Mae

Enjoying the berries!

           The past two months have been a whirl wind of activities for our family.  First of all we took a family trip up to Washington for our nephew Josh's wedding!  Mae really enjoyed being around all of the family.  Not only did she get to see the Weston Clan she also got to spend a little time with Auntie CeeCee (Lacey), Uncle BriBri (Brian), Sammi, and Akika (Anika).  While she was visiting the Puhl's she took her first bubble bath with "Akika" and now insists on having one every night!  She learned oh so much from Anika my name is now Mom, Mommy and Momo instead of just Mama and how to correct the doggy when he is jumping up, "NO-DOWN!"  She loves singing about her cousin Anika and Auntie CeeCee too!  This trip also meant that we had to take her on two airplane the words of my daughter, "Ai-yi-yi!"  Thank God they were only 2 hour flights!!!  She absolutely loved being on the airplane and insisted on letting everyone on the plane know that she was on an  "aihhhhpane."  She kept pointing out the window to the wings and telling everyone, "Fly, aipane, fly, aipane!" 


Testing Pumpkin #1
Testing Pumpkin #2
We have also done a few road trips in the past two months. The first trip we took was up to Riley's Farm to pick our own apples and pumpkins. Mae had an absolutely fabulous time testing out all of the large pumpkins as chairs and picking apples, raspberries and pumpkins. Once she found a good size pumpkin that she could carry she wouldn't put it down! 
Scooping out the guts.

Picking raspberries.  Yummy!

Mae loved her pumpkin so much that when we finally carved it right before Halloween she decided to eat its insides raw!!! I sometimes wonder about her taste buds???

Chillin' by her pumpkins.

Mae as you have already seen, was a monkey for Halloween thanks to Lala's sewing skills!!! She did an amazing job!

Checking out the hot spring

Playing in the hot spring

We also took a trip up to Mammoth this past month with a few friends and stopped at our favorite spot in Bishop along the way.  It is a spot right along the Owens River with a small hot spring that we love to swim in.  Mae had a blast and sang to the small fry that kept swimming up and "kissing" her toes.  Jimmy fished the spot and caught a medium size rainbow trout, but he released it.  In Mammoth we were fortunate to stay in a cabin right on Twin Lakes so we got to hike to the waterfall there.  Mae of course wanted to go swimming there and didn't understand that the water was soooo cold. She loved checking out the fish that the guys caught, collecting baby pine cones, and playing with her friend Annan.

Dad and Jimmy cooking up the sausage.

Mom helping serve the sausage

     Now for one of the highlights of our month...Jimmy debuted his new company, "Salt and Thyme" to the public at the 1st Annual Cevapcici Festival right here in San Pedro!!!  He made his own variation of the Croatian skinless sausage and mustard and they were a huge hit!  "Salt and Thyme" is a gourmet, artisan food company.  As many of you know, he quit his job a few months back and has been working for all of those months as a work at home dad trying to launch this company.  It looks like it will be another 2 weeks before his food starts selling at the San Pedro Farmers Market.  Hopefully some of you will be able to make it out some time to taste his goods! 

     Mae was "sashed" one of the cevapcici princesses at the festival and had a wonderful time tasting and dancing!  You have to check out her dance video.  :o)

Now for a few tid bits about our little monkey:

*She loves dancing and making up songs.
*She is starting to repeat EVERYTHING we say which makes you realize how much you say certain words!
*She is obsessed with Elmo and Sesame Street characters.
*She has never seen Dora, but loves her!
*She loves, loves, loves Tinker Bell because she is sooo magical.
*She loves Disneyland and cries when it is time to leave. 
*Every time she gets into Lala's car she thinks she is going to Disneyland!
*She loves The Little Mermaid, Snow White, Mickey and Minnie characters.
*Dressing up and nail polish make her so happy!  (She has to see herself in the mirror immediately though and will run right over you if you get in the way.)
*She loves taking care of her baby dolls.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mae (18 Months)

Mae is now 18 months!!!  She weighed in at 25.6# (70th %) and 34" tall (85th%) at her 18 month check up.  I cannot believe how long she is now.  It feels like yesterday I was holding her and she barely fit my arms.  Now when I hold her there are arms and legs hanging out everywhere wiggling around.  This month has been absolutely crazy for us.  I was called back to work the day before school started which has turned Jimmy's world upside down.  He is now a work at home dad and seems to be loving it!?!?!?  It has been really nice for me because Mae now follows him around the house and knocks on the door to wake him up when he wants to sleep in (that used to be me).  

Serving Mac and Cheese after "making" it for us!

Feeding the horses carrots.

Anyways, besides that Mae has been quite the little helper.  She loves to help cook, which mostly consists of taste testing everything to make sure it is table worthy!  She also stirs and serves!!! 

Taking CJ for a ride!

Riding a pony all by herself!!
She did not want mommy or daddy to help!

Trying to persuade the goat to let her ride!
She has recently learned a lot about horses by visiting a few stables up by us.  She fed them carrots (which she now thinks all carrots belong to horses) and even rode on a few ponies which she is sooo good at and loves.  Recently at the farmers market Mae decided to steal a carrot from a vendor and ran away to try and feed a dog which she was neighing at like a horse???  She obviously had a plan concocted since she grabbed the carrot and ran without a second thought.  Fortunately the vendor thought it was cute!!!    She also has tried to ride the goats at the stables and CJ after riding the ponies!!!  CJ wasn't a big fan of that, but was amazing as always and just stood up and walked away.  

Checking out the sea lions.

Today we went to the Marine Mammal Care Center with her for the first time to make a donation.  We weren't sure if she would like it or not since it is usually pretty loud and smelly, but she fell in love with the Sea Lions!  The sea lions were quite active today and she really liked watching them play.

Mae with Great Grandpa's book!

My Grandpa Sabic just published another book and sent us a signed copy and Mae has been absolutely enthralled with it.  If she sees it she insists on holding it and thumbing through the pages.  I read her a few of the poems too and she is really attracted to their rhythm.


Monday, August 9, 2010

Mae (17 months)

Mae ran to the piano to play along with daddy playing his sax after her bath.
Time goes by so fast when you have a child!  This month has been so amazing for me.  I have been home with Mae since June 19th and am absolutely loving it!!!  I don't know how I am going to go back to work one day??? 

Turning herself into an Avatar
Kelsey painting
I joined the MOMS Club of San Pedro this month and have really enjoyed the friends we have made and activities both Mae and I have been a part of.  Mae has a really cute, close friend now "Kelsey" (16 months) and they are so much fun to watch together.  Just today they went to the library together and were holding hands as they walked.  Mae even cries when she has to say good-bye to her.  
Mae and the Dairy Cow
Holding hands with Dada and Papa
As always, Mae has kept us very busy with her activities this month.  The most exciting adventure we took her on was to the O.C. Fair.  She got to see cows, elephants, sheep, goats, pigs, deer, ducks, etc. and went bonkers.  The only animal she wasn't too sure of was the sheep when it baaaaed in response to her baa.  She is still making a lot of animal sounds which I managed to get on video.  This isn't the best video, but she attacks me when she sees the camera because she likes to look a herself. 

Playing house
Mae really enjoys wearing hats, necklaces, glasses, bows, shoes, and pretty much anything that makes her look "pretty"!  Such a girl!!!  She even lets her Yaya (Lala) paint her nails which is hilarious to watch.  She loves dancing and singing and has even mastered a few words and motions to some songs. 

Mae's new bargain slide.
She has been talking like crazy for the past few weeks.  It has blown us away how much she understands and can say now.  If you ask her what her name is she shouts out "Mae".  She even looks at pictures of herself and points herself out now.  

If any of you are on facebook we have a ton of other pictures posted.  We love and miss all of you out of towners!!!  

:o) The Weston Family   


Friday, July 2, 2010

Mae (Almost 16 months)

                We have been extremely busy for the past two months trying to keep up with Mae.  She has been changing and developing so quickly it has really blown me away.  It seems like whatever we show her now she mimics or wants to try herself.  She is extremely curious and has been getting into everything within her reach and in the past week she has been climbing up to things she cannot reach.  She loves getting into the drawers in the kitchen that have the old coffee filters and she wears them like hats.  She also loves the Tupperware containers and tries to find the matching lids for all of them.  Nothing beats the DVD cabinet though - her favorite activity is to take them all out every time I put them away!  My next goal is to find a lock that will work on it. 
                 She is starting to talk which is so much fun!!!  She makes animal sounds and motions for cows, sheep, snakes, lions, elephants (with the trunk and all), dogs (which is our favorite-you can see her dog face in one of the pictures above) and a few more.  Mae loves helping too!  She kind of cleans up when we sing the clean up song, but as soon as it stops she dumps it all back out.  As I mentioned before she wants to do whatever we do which includes things like changing batteries on toys, combing her cousin Eris' hair, combing CJ's hair, etc.  She has become very bossy over the past few weeks and stands up for herself whenever the situation calls. 
                 When her cousin Eris was here Mae decided she had to brush her hair and would get mad at Eris and push her into position whenever she would bend over to get a toy.    The other day I had her at the park and she wanted to look at a little boys tricycle, he pushed her back and said "mine" so I took her away from the bike.  A few minutes later the little boy wanted to pet CJ and Mae stood between him and CJ and pushed him back as a way to say "mine" I reprimanded her, but at the same time I was proud of her for standing up to him!!!  Just as a side note - she has never had a problem sharing CJ with kids at the park. 
                The pictures above are from some of her activities over the past two months.  Lala and Papa bought her a drum set which we have conveniently forgotten to take home!!!  Papa taught her how to fly a real kite!  She played with her cousins Tea, Peyton, Eris and Anika.  She loves drawing, playing music, oat time, play doh, fresh produce, reading, and most of all her Bear Bear (CJ) who can always put a smile on her face!!!  I never imagined how busy we would be at this stage!!!  She also now officially has 16 teeth!  I think we are done cutting teeth until she turns 2???