Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mae's First Year Updates

*These were all of the family updates that were sent out from the time Mae was born till she turned 1.

March 2009
James and Monica Weston are the proud parents of a baby girl!!!

Mae Magdalena Weston was born on Sunday, March 8, 2009 at 8:54am. She weighed in at a whopping 8lbs 12.2oz and was 20inches long.

Mae and I finally got to come home today.

I have been really bad about taking pictures, but we have been a little busy. Here are a few I will send out some more later.

April 2009
Hello! O.K. I have finally sat down at the computer and am sending some updated pictures of my little Mae. She is 7 weeks now. Some of the pictures are from Easter (kite flying) or way back to about 2 weeks old with my sister. The most recent ones are from this weekend with her Uncle Joe and cousins Tea and Peyton. She is getting so big. I hope you enjoy the pics.

May 2009
Mae had her two month check up today and is now 23.5" long and weighs 11 lbs 7oz. She is in the 95th percentile for height and 75th percentile for weight.
She is a very healthy and happy baby.

Yesterday was Jimmy's birthday so we celebrated as most Californians do these going to Disneyland. We went with Lala and Papa and it was Mae's first visit so we got her her first ears. Mae's favorite ride was "It's a Small World" she was wide eyed and smiling the entire time. Because it was Jimmy's birthday he got to sit in the pirate ship bed and shoot off the cannon in the house of the future while the assistant read us "Peter Pan" (only at Disneyland with a baby would Jimmy play along with that one ;) ) I attached some pictures of our visit. Enjoy the pictures.

So I was playing with Mae and her Build-A-Bear monkey that Anika made her and I started thinking that the fairy costume might just fit on did. I have also attached some pictures from my first Mother's Day and what Mae's hair might look like one day. :) Enjoy the pics.

June 2009

Mae is 3 months today so I thought I would send out this month’s update. She is growing so fast. This month was filled with excitement. Mae got to meet her Great Grandfather Charles (my dad's dad) and her cousin Alexandria (Andrea's baby girl, 7 months old). She also got to meet my cousin Star and her daughter Haley at Disneyland. Megan took amazing pictures of Andrea, Lacey and I and our babies while they were in town. She is such a brilliant photographer, it always amazes me that she gets the shots she does especially with two crying babies this time. If anyone needs her number or info just let me know!!! I will be sending out a few more photos of the two babies together from yesterday.

Here are the pictures of Mae and Ali with Lala and Papa. Ali loved Mae and her pacifier. She kept crawling up to Mae and pulling it out of her mouth and trying to figure out how to stick it in her mouth. Ali also loved giving Mae kisses and would attack her at every chance she would get. It was so much fun to watch Ali with Mae and see what I have to look forward to once my little one starts moving. We might just have our hands full!!!

July 2009

I decided to just send once a month updates since things are pretty busy around here. Mae just turned 4 months old and had her 4 month check-up and shots today. She is 14# 8oz now (68th %) and 25.5" long (80th %). She has changed so much this month. She is much more active and has found her toes. She loves jumping in her bouncer and swimming in both pools and the bath tub. She smiles if you smile at her and laughs at herself in the mirror now. She also rubs her ears when she gets tired.

I have included pictures from when her auntie Kim (Jimmy's oldest sister) came out to visit this month along with Joe (Jimmy's brother) and Julie. We also got to see Blythe (Joe's daughter) a few days ago. Mae went swimming at both auntie Heather's house (Jimmy's sister) with Peyton (Heather's daughter) and at Lala and Papa's house with Brett Badalamenti. We also went camping in June up at Green Valley Lakes(pics of Mae all bundled up). We celebrated the 4th of July at Heather's house (Pics of Tea (5 1/2 months) and Mae in red and white plaid dresses together). There are pics of Mae playing legos with Cole, a friend from Deebs playgroup and Joshua, a friend from Cara's house. There are also a few pics of Mae with auntie Cathy. I hope I got it all. I should have just added captions to all of the pics, but oh well.

I hope everyone is having a good summer! We love and miss all of you.

August 2009

Yes, another month has already gone by. Mae is becoming such a goof. She is moving more and more and laughing all the time. She started scooting around on both her back and tummy a few days ago. We went to New York this month and Mae got to lay in the grass at Central Park, walk the Brooklyn Bridge(and all over New York for that matter), and play the BIG piano at FAO Shwartz. She did such a good job on the airplane rides that we had people coming up to us after each flight to compliment us on our amazingly quiet and happy baby. Mae loves painting already. I gave her a few paint brushes with different colors and she went to town slapping the paint on the paper to make a beautiful master piece for Jimmy. We started her on rice cereal a few days ago because she had started to get mad when she would see us eating. I wasn't planning on giving her solids until she was 6 months but she is obviously ready. She likes to grab the spoon out of my hand and shove it in her mouth. She has become quiet the snuggler too recently. She loves giving kisses and hugs to people and her dolls, but you need to watch your ears and nose holes because she likes to sneak her tongue in if you aren't careful. I hope all of you are having a wonderful summer. We love and miss all of you.

September 2009

I hope everyone had a good summer. We had Mae's 6 month check-up 2 days ago and she is still a very happy and healthy little girl. She weighed in at 17lbs 2oz. (75th %) and measured 27" long (89th%). We had another very busy month. We went to Mud Mania in Long Beach, we went to watch Lala fly kites in Seal Beach(which she thought was soooo funny - she loved the wind blowing in her face), and she and I flew out to Florida to meet baby Eris or "Mini Mae"(Jay's baby girl). Mae is such a delight to be around, on our flight home from Florida she received the "Best Baby on an Airplane" award because she was so quiet and happy the whole 4 hour flight. She loves finger painting, sucking and touching her toes, bath time and playing with C.J. dog. When we got back from Florida we couldn't decide who she had missed more, Daddy - who she couldn't stop looking at or C.J. - who she couldn't stop laughing at.

October 2009

Mae is 7 months old now. This month I went back to work full time so she has been spending her days with Lala and Papa. She weighs around 18 1/2 pounds and is eating anything she can get her hands on. She wants nothing to do with crawling yet unless there is a bottle involved. She cut her first tooth this month (I attached a picture of her last toothless smile the day she cut it). She loves hanging out with me in the kitchen when I am baking. In one of the pictures I had pulled the bowl away from her while I went to get the butter out of the frige, when I turned around she had pulled the bowl close to her and grabbed a handful of flour. She absolutely adores CJ. The other day during tummy time she actually rolled right into C.J.'s arms and started laughing about it. C.J. was so good and sat very still until we picked Mae up. Enjoy this month's pics. We love and miss you all.

Mae has been diagnosed with kryptogenic? (meaning no known cause) infantile spasms. We were put through the wringer trying to get her an EEG to confirm what we had already suspected. She has shown no developmental delays at this point which makes for a positive prognosis. Yesterday was a horrible day for her, but we got the diagnosis! Last night she began her steroids (prednisone) which we are hoping will stop the spasms within a few days. If they do not stop we will be switching her to another medication. Jimmy and I have been staying at the hospital with her. She is in downtown LA at Sunset Kaiser Hospital where she has an amazing team of pediatric neurologist. We are in the pediatric unit on the 5th floor, room 502. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers for a quick recovery. I have attached some pictures of her having her EEG done yesterday. Got to get back to the hospital
Mae came home this evening. The spasms have continued, but decreased in intensity with the treatment she is receiving. Jimmy and I will be medicating her for the next week at home and then the medication will be reevaluated by a new pediatrician as well as the pediatric neurologist. She is extremely fussy, but we are so happy that the spasms appear to be less painful at this point. She has had only one cluster in the last 26 hours!!! (She was having as many as 4-5 clusters up till Saturday). Thank you for all of your prayers and thoughts it seems to be working. Please keep it up, she still has a long road ahead of her. :)

November 2009

Yesterday Mae turned 8 months old. This month was pretty crazy with the hospitalization and diagnosis so we don't have very many pictures. She has become a much better sitter this month and is becoming much more interested in toys and food. She loves finger foods and tries so hard to get them into her mouth. She still is not crawling, but I am sure that will come sooner than later.

She has not had any spasms since the Monday that we left the hospital!!! Today we went to the pediatric neurologist and had another EEG done. The results are back and her EEG showed NO SIGN of arrhythmia!!! The doctor said it looked "much better than last time"!!! We were given the o.k. to start weaning her off of the prednisolone over a period of 4 weeks and hope and pray every day that the spasms do not return. She is continuing to show developmental progress everyday which is a great signs that this could have been a temporary condition that she will never have again.

Thank you so much for all of your wonderful thoughts and prayers over the past few weeks, it really is working!

December 2009

First of all, Happy Holidays! Yesterday was Mae's 9 month ped. visit. She is weighing in at a whopping 22#8oz. (95th%) (thanks to the prednisolone)and is still measuring 28in. long (75th%). She magically went from having 3 teeth (1 on top and 2 on the bottom) 1 week ago to having 8 teeth (4 on top, 4 on the bottom) this week! We had no clue that she had cut them because she wasn't really fussy. She is on her last week of prednisolone tapering and we feel like we are finally getting our baby back, she has not stopped smiling for a week now. The best part of this is that she has not had any spasms since we left the hospital 7 weeks ago!

Due to the medication she was on we really had not seen any development until this past week. She is now moving all over the place, still not crawling, but pretty close and she is extremely interested in touching and tasting everything around her. She is keeping poor Lala and Papa very busy when they watch her now since she is so full of energy. She loves singing herself to sleep at night, splashing in the bathtub, and standing without anyone holding onto her. She has a very independent spirit already, slapping our hands away because she wants to do things on her own, like give herself her medicine!

This last month, as you will see in the pictures, was filled with family and friends visiting from all over the country. Megan Sachs was able to work her magic and photograph the entire Sabic 16 while everyone was in town with all of our new babies! Yes, my mom made all the girls beautiful outfits too! Enjoy the pictures!

January 2010

Mae is already 10 months!!! I cannot believe how fast this month flew by. Mae is doing great! She has been off of her meds for 4 weeks now and has not relapsed. Horray!!! The meds caused some muscle delays so she still is not crawling, but as she has been regaining her strength she has been moving more and more. She is proficient at crawling backwards (which frustrates her to no end since all of her toys require her to go forward)and rolling around the floor. She will also scoot across the floor on her bottom if she is on a hard surface. The other day we were rolling change and she decided to scoot across the floor and sit right in the middle of all of it as she loves to be the center of attention these days. As you will see in the pictures she had a great time at Christmas. She got to bake with me, play with her cousins Peyton and Tea, and open up a ton of presents from family. She just loves books already and of course her CJ Bear who she calls, "Baa Baa" (Bear Bear) every time she see her. Her favorite game right now is Peek-a-Boo with daddy and will say it over and over again when playing with him, "Peek-ah-boooo!" and then she laughs and hides her face again. Well I could go on and on about my little Mae, but it is time to go. I hope you enjoy this months photos. Sorry about the quality of some of the photos, I accidently switched my camera to a different mode and did not realize it for some time this month. :)

Happy New Year 2010!

February 2010

Hello family and friends!

Yes, it is already that time...Mae is 11 months old and crawling! :) EVERYWHERE!!! (Except across the magic 1" high kitchen barrier at my parents house???) This also means that she is getting into everything as you will see in the pictures - her favorites being the dog food and the VCR! She is also quick with her movements hence the baby powder on her head - she grabbed it while daddy was drying her off after a bath and proceeded to dump it all over her head. She is like a little tornado everywhere she goes right now, grabbing and throwing everything in her way.

Poor CJ is not safe anywhere now! Mae follows her everywhere she goes and takes her bones and toys right out of her mouth. CJ has been so patient with her and just waits until Mae puts them down then grabs them back and runs across the room and waits for Mae to get her again. This game sometimes goes on for about 30 minutes between the two of them.

If you are on facebook you need to check out the two videos I posted - 1 is of Mae laughing at CJ and the other is of Mae laughing at daddy playing the sax. They both make me smile every time I watch them.

Well enjoy the pictures this month. We love and miss you guys!

:) The Weston Fam

March 2010

Dear Family and Friends,

Can you believe it??? Mae is already 1! Where did the time go? As of today she weighs 22# 2oz (70th %)(she lost 6 oz since her 9 month, but that was normal loss from being off of the meds) and is 29.5" (60th%). She is doing great! We celebrated her birthday on Saturday with a small family gathering and it was all about ducks since that seems to be her favorite toy/animal right now. Lala made her a beautiful yellow dress and I made her duck suckers and a duck cake which she really enjoyed. Mae is cruising around furniture and standing on her own now, but not quite walking yet. It seems like everything makes her laugh these days. If you look at her funny or make a funny sound she usually cracks up. She is so much fun and she is always smiling. She loves loves loves books and music. She will often crawl across the room with one of her books and sit in your lap so you can read it to her. When Lala, Papa, Mama or Dada walk into the room she usually bounces and claps then crawls right over to us to be picked up so she can give us kisses. About 2 weeks ago she finally started saying Dada and now crawls around saying it all day dadadadadadadadada. Daddy is very happy now especially because she still only cries for mamamama at night! ;) Anyways, we are having a great time with her and are blown away with how much she has changed and developed in the last month. Thank you for all of your prayers and support over the last year! We love and miss all of you.

:) Love,

The Weston Family

PS: Jimmy has been organizing two kite events here in Pedro for families in March and April. Here is an article that was written about the event.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Walking Day 1 and Day 2

Walking Day 1: Not so bad!!!

Walking Day 2:

I couldn't figure out how my life was going to be different when she started walking. I thought she was already getting into everything...oh my I know what everyone keeps talking about!!!

Within about 5 minutes of being home Mae tried to get into our chemical cupboard under the sink (now it is child locked!!!). Finding herself defeated she walked over to the recycling bin (which has a lid and is taller than her), opened the lid and started to pull everything out. As I tried to stop her she proceeded to lock her hands onto the side of the bin. With my hands full of what I had taken from her I then tried to pry her off of the can. As soon as she let go she walked into the dogs water bowl (loving every second of it too!!!). Then she raced me to the door as I took the recycling bag out and managed to grab onto the bottom of the bag and tear a hole in it, dumping a few items onto the floor. I tossed the bag out the back door to stop her from doing more damage and free my hands and that is when she decided she needed to try the doggy door!!! So that is when I locked her out of the kitchen with our new baby gate!

O.K. I believe all of you now!!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

San Pedro Family Kite Fly

This Saturday, April 10th from 10am-2pm.

22nd St. Park on the corne of 22nd St. and Harbor.

Bring the whole family!

Free kites for kids!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mae (13 Months)

Wow...we have had a very busy month! We enrolled Mae in a music class because she loves making noise!!! At home, we have started leaving the piano open because she likes to crawl up to it, stand on her tip toes and play beautiful songs. ;) This month some of the things she enjoys
are: painting, dancing (swaying from side to side), singing (some might mistake it for yelling), playing in CJ's water bowl, sporadically clapping at things, doing "The Wheels on the Bus" and the wipers, bouncing, eating/playing with play-doh, blowing kisses, patty cake, waving and getting into just about everything! In short - all of her benchmarks that she was behind on from the meds have happened this month. She also started doing some signs for all done (waving hands), thank you (which she hasn't differentiated with blowing a kiss), and please.

She tried chocolate for the first time with Lala of course. She also went to Disneyland a few times with Lala.

We went to Big Bear and she got to play in the snow for the first time. She is very interested in leaves, rose petals, rocks and plants (mostly to eat) so I let her crawl around in our grass a lot. The other day she got pretty muddy and since it was hot out I took her clothes off and let her explore the water naked - she loved it!

For Easter, Lala and Papa hid eggs all over their house and had Mae and her friend Annan find them. We spent Easter Sunday with our friends the Billings and Circles. Unfortunately, on Easter Sunday Mae decided to cut some teeth so she was feeling awful and was running a low fever.

This month we took her to many parks so she could fly kites and see ducks, geese and squirrels. CJ of course is still her favorite animal though!

At the end of the day she has everyone worn out...but the only person who can get her to go to sleep easily now is Papa!!!