Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mae (13 Months)

Wow...we have had a very busy month! We enrolled Mae in a music class because she loves making noise!!! At home, we have started leaving the piano open because she likes to crawl up to it, stand on her tip toes and play beautiful songs. ;) This month some of the things she enjoys
are: painting, dancing (swaying from side to side), singing (some might mistake it for yelling), playing in CJ's water bowl, sporadically clapping at things, doing "The Wheels on the Bus" and the wipers, bouncing, eating/playing with play-doh, blowing kisses, patty cake, waving and getting into just about everything! In short - all of her benchmarks that she was behind on from the meds have happened this month. She also started doing some signs for all done (waving hands), thank you (which she hasn't differentiated with blowing a kiss), and please.

She tried chocolate for the first time with Lala of course. She also went to Disneyland a few times with Lala.

We went to Big Bear and she got to play in the snow for the first time. She is very interested in leaves, rose petals, rocks and plants (mostly to eat) so I let her crawl around in our grass a lot. The other day she got pretty muddy and since it was hot out I took her clothes off and let her explore the water naked - she loved it!

For Easter, Lala and Papa hid eggs all over their house and had Mae and her friend Annan find them. We spent Easter Sunday with our friends the Billings and Circles. Unfortunately, on Easter Sunday Mae decided to cut some teeth so she was feeling awful and was running a low fever.

This month we took her to many parks so she could fly kites and see ducks, geese and squirrels. CJ of course is still her favorite animal though!

At the end of the day she has everyone worn out...but the only person who can get her to go to sleep easily now is Papa!!!

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