Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Walking Day 1 and Day 2

Walking Day 1: Not so bad!!!

Walking Day 2:

I couldn't figure out how my life was going to be different when she started walking. I thought she was already getting into everything...oh my I know what everyone keeps talking about!!!

Within about 5 minutes of being home Mae tried to get into our chemical cupboard under the sink (now it is child locked!!!). Finding herself defeated she walked over to the recycling bin (which has a lid and is taller than her), opened the lid and started to pull everything out. As I tried to stop her she proceeded to lock her hands onto the side of the bin. With my hands full of what I had taken from her I then tried to pry her off of the can. As soon as she let go she walked into the dogs water bowl (loving every second of it too!!!). Then she raced me to the door as I took the recycling bag out and managed to grab onto the bottom of the bag and tear a hole in it, dumping a few items onto the floor. I tossed the bag out the back door to stop her from doing more damage and free my hands and that is when she decided she needed to try the doggy door!!! So that is when I locked her out of the kitchen with our new baby gate!

O.K. I believe all of you now!!!

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