Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mae (14 months)

This month has been extremely busy for us. The month started off with the San Pedro Kiwanis Club Kite Fly that Jimmy spear headed. It was a great success and this picture of Mae might be on the cover of the Kiwanis International Magazine this year. Jimmy did an amazing job organizing the event and getting tons of families there.

Mae's love of music has continued.  She is constantly beating everything (including our bellies) like they are drums, singing (la la la la la fa fa fa ra ra do la), playing the piano every time she goes past it still, and most of all dancing.  She seems to have different dance moves for different genres as well.  She bops her head for kids' music, does a booty bump for rap, bounces for jazz, and has started to sway to oldies. 
 The most important part of the month is that she is now walking everywhere.  Just three weeks ago she was only taking a few step and spider crawling to get around.  Now she is almost running and getting into everything!!!! 
Jimmy and I have noticed that from the moment she wakes up in the morning to the moment she goes to bed she does not stop talking or making noises. If we are in another room we can usually hear her coming because she clicks or talks the whole way there. There are some times though that she is awfully stealth and suddenly appears in front of us from out of nowhere. 
Mae also started Daycare this month and is having a great time!  We were fortunate enough to get her into one of my old student's mom's programs. She has made a lot of friends and is completely worn out at the end of the day.   
<- Her first suitcase from Grandma Lula and Grandpa Roger!!!  She cannot wait to visit them.
                   "Helping" mommy and daddy cook.  ->
  <- Her Kentucky Derby hat.
      Swinging in Lala and Papa's hammock which is now part of her routine when we visit.                                                   ->
<- Fun in the water at Disneyland!

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