Friday, July 2, 2010

Mae (Almost 16 months)

                We have been extremely busy for the past two months trying to keep up with Mae.  She has been changing and developing so quickly it has really blown me away.  It seems like whatever we show her now she mimics or wants to try herself.  She is extremely curious and has been getting into everything within her reach and in the past week she has been climbing up to things she cannot reach.  She loves getting into the drawers in the kitchen that have the old coffee filters and she wears them like hats.  She also loves the Tupperware containers and tries to find the matching lids for all of them.  Nothing beats the DVD cabinet though - her favorite activity is to take them all out every time I put them away!  My next goal is to find a lock that will work on it. 
                 She is starting to talk which is so much fun!!!  She makes animal sounds and motions for cows, sheep, snakes, lions, elephants (with the trunk and all), dogs (which is our favorite-you can see her dog face in one of the pictures above) and a few more.  Mae loves helping too!  She kind of cleans up when we sing the clean up song, but as soon as it stops she dumps it all back out.  As I mentioned before she wants to do whatever we do which includes things like changing batteries on toys, combing her cousin Eris' hair, combing CJ's hair, etc.  She has become very bossy over the past few weeks and stands up for herself whenever the situation calls. 
                 When her cousin Eris was here Mae decided she had to brush her hair and would get mad at Eris and push her into position whenever she would bend over to get a toy.    The other day I had her at the park and she wanted to look at a little boys tricycle, he pushed her back and said "mine" so I took her away from the bike.  A few minutes later the little boy wanted to pet CJ and Mae stood between him and CJ and pushed him back as a way to say "mine" I reprimanded her, but at the same time I was proud of her for standing up to him!!!  Just as a side note - she has never had a problem sharing CJ with kids at the park. 
                The pictures above are from some of her activities over the past two months.  Lala and Papa bought her a drum set which we have conveniently forgotten to take home!!!  Papa taught her how to fly a real kite!  She played with her cousins Tea, Peyton, Eris and Anika.  She loves drawing, playing music, oat time, play doh, fresh produce, reading, and most of all her Bear Bear (CJ) who can always put a smile on her face!!!  I never imagined how busy we would be at this stage!!!  She also now officially has 16 teeth!  I think we are done cutting teeth until she turns 2???       

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