Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mae (18 Months)

Mae is now 18 months!!!  She weighed in at 25.6# (70th %) and 34" tall (85th%) at her 18 month check up.  I cannot believe how long she is now.  It feels like yesterday I was holding her and she barely fit my arms.  Now when I hold her there are arms and legs hanging out everywhere wiggling around.  This month has been absolutely crazy for us.  I was called back to work the day before school started which has turned Jimmy's world upside down.  He is now a work at home dad and seems to be loving it!?!?!?  It has been really nice for me because Mae now follows him around the house and knocks on the door to wake him up when he wants to sleep in (that used to be me).  

Serving Mac and Cheese after "making" it for us!

Feeding the horses carrots.

Anyways, besides that Mae has been quite the little helper.  She loves to help cook, which mostly consists of taste testing everything to make sure it is table worthy!  She also stirs and serves!!! 

Taking CJ for a ride!

Riding a pony all by herself!!
She did not want mommy or daddy to help!

Trying to persuade the goat to let her ride!
She has recently learned a lot about horses by visiting a few stables up by us.  She fed them carrots (which she now thinks all carrots belong to horses) and even rode on a few ponies which she is sooo good at and loves.  Recently at the farmers market Mae decided to steal a carrot from a vendor and ran away to try and feed a dog which she was neighing at like a horse???  She obviously had a plan concocted since she grabbed the carrot and ran without a second thought.  Fortunately the vendor thought it was cute!!!    She also has tried to ride the goats at the stables and CJ after riding the ponies!!!  CJ wasn't a big fan of that, but was amazing as always and just stood up and walked away.  

Checking out the sea lions.

Today we went to the Marine Mammal Care Center with her for the first time to make a donation.  We weren't sure if she would like it or not since it is usually pretty loud and smelly, but she fell in love with the Sea Lions!  The sea lions were quite active today and she really liked watching them play.

Mae with Great Grandpa's book!

My Grandpa Sabic just published another book and sent us a signed copy and Mae has been absolutely enthralled with it.  If she sees it she insists on holding it and thumbing through the pages.  I read her a few of the poems too and she is really attracted to their rhythm.


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  1. OMG........TOOOOOOOOOOO cute! and fer sure she is your daughter.....what a GORGEOUS Child!!!!

    love the carrot story----bet the dog did too!

    CJ is one heck of a TERRIFIC GIRL...SOOOOOOO patient awwwww!

    THANKS so much for the update!